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Facts and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions: “Minit-Charge”



Edison Minit-Charge Battery & Charger Systems


EdisonBBI Charger-on-the-Fly

Features include:


  • Eliminates 'Second' Or Spare Batteries Expense
  • Eliminates Costly Battery Handling Equipment
  • Eliminates Operator Downtime During Battery Changes
  • Eliminates Safety Concerns During Handling
  • Increases Operator and Equipment Productivity


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Superior Fast Charger Performance

Minit-Charger uses 3 key technologies to beat the competition:

  • Adaptive Charge Control Technology
  • Multi-Station Priority Charge Technology
  • Minit-Trak Fleet Management

Minit-Charger is built to handle the "heavy lift." In head-to-head demonstrations with competitors, Minit-Charger's Adaptive Charge Control technology routinely exhibits a higher safe charge rate for a longer period of time as the battery charges.

Minit-Charger's Multi-Station Priority Charge technology allows customers to reduce connected electrical load and circuit installation costs while maximizing charge return to the fleet battery.

Finally, every Minit-Charger comes with Minit-Trak, the industry leading data logging and analysis tool. Minit-Trak keeps you informed as to truck, battery and charger performance to allow evaluation and decisions based on facts.

All three technologies are unique to Minit-Charger and are proven in commercial operations since 1998.


50 Answers for the Most Frequent Comments on Fast Charging

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PBM Universal Charger



Universal Series

Multi-voltage chargers suitable for all type of batteries. Programming and display of the charging cycle by means of a keyboard and multifunction display.

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